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Application Checklist

 The following information is usually requested at loan application;

  • Your social security number.
  • Past two (2) years W2.
  • Past two (2) years signed personal tax returns including all schedules.
  • Most recent (30 days) paystub for all borrowers.
  • Two most recent bank statements.
  • Most recent transaction summary of 401k, IRA, Mutual Funds account.
  • Copy of the purchase and sales agreement.
  • Copy of Earnest Money Deposit (purchase only).
  • If currently renting….either 12 months canceled rent checks or name and address of your current landlord.

 For self- employed borrowers, employed in sales, paid by commissions or owners rental real estate;


  • Past two (2) years signed personal tax returns including all schedules.
  • If self-employed through a corporation, last two years corporate returns as well as a year-to-date profit and loss statement and balance sheet.


  • If you currently own real estate please provide additional information.


  • Mortgage account information.
  • Home insurance policy information.
  • Home insurance agent contact. Miscellaneous Documentation (if applicable)
  • Divorce decree.
  • Alimony or child support-proof of payment and amount (court documents).
  • Proof of receipt for last three months and those payments will continue for 3 years.
  • Social Security awards letter.
  • Bankruptcy discharge papers with all schedules. 


Different loan programs require varying amounts of documentation. The loan program you select may require more or less documentation. Providing this information does not guarantee loan approval.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification Checklist

Receipt of this checklist demonstrates understanding that providing credit documentation prior to the issuance of a Loan Estimate (LE) is not required and they can provide documentation of their own free will. You do not have to accept this loan because you have received the LE or signed a loan application.

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